5 South East Asian Nations to Visit in 2023

Travelers from all over the world have always adored the Asian continent. Particularly in the past ten years, South East Asian nations have seen a sharp increase in popularity among the thousands of backpackers who visit some of the most amazing and cost-effective locations in the region. Following is a list of the top five locations that will guarantee a wonderful journey if you are planning your next trip to South East Asia but have not yet decided which countries you would want to visit.

1. Thailand:

This country is a gem. Though it can be quite crowded and touristy, Thailand deserves to be explored and enjoyed by people from all over the world. Bangkok can fulfill your big-city needs, with its amazing clubs and bars, and lots of charm, oomph and great food. There are also Chang Mai and Pai, which are beautiful villages in Northern Thailand giving you the most of what nature and culture could. The beaches in the country are stunning and have all the reasons to spend your time laying around and taking in the serenity and the delight of the place. Thailand is a land of elephants, charisma, splendor, beaches, food and great smiles.

2. Indonesia:

A major reason Indonesia is loved by people is that it encompasses Bali: a place that overwhelms travelers with its goodness, beauty, warmth and action. Bali has some of the most wonderful beaches, an authentic culture to witness, a horde of activities to participate in and some of the friendliest locals. You can surf, snorkel, dive, climb mountains, cycle through the rice fields, spend hours doing yoga, watch incredible dances, unwind in a café, meet interesting foreigners and take short trips to the Gili and Lombok islands. Take a tour of the Komodo Island, Yogyakarta and Jakarta to add to the fun.

3. Cambodia:

A blend of archaeology, heritage, spirituality and innocence, this country finds a high spot in the travel itineraries of most people. The most sought-after attraction is the astounding Angkor temple complex in Siem Reap that’s spread across 60 square miles. Other splendid locations in the city comprise the Tonle Sap Lake and the Bayon (center of the Angkor Thom). Then there’s Battambang, where you can explore the inherent culture of Cambodia on the back of a motorbike. Take a trip to Phnom Penh, see the performing arts, the royal palace and then move on to the Sihanoukville and its islands to take pleasure in the peaceful and gorgeous beaches of the country.

4. Vietnam:

Vietnam exudes beauty, a colorful outlandishness and an enigmatic cheer. The streets of Hanoi are bustling with activity, the Halong Bay is brimming with tranquility, Hoi An is popular for its architecture and delight and Sapa brings forth rice fields and hill tribe villages. When in Vietnam, devour the local cuisine, take a cooking class, go cycling, spend hours loosening up on the beaches and immerse in the appealing culture that the kingdom offers. You will guaranteed come back a happier person.

5. Philippines:

The Philippines is precious, dazzling and impressive and yet it is usually the most neglected destination when compared to the other jewels of South East Asia. What makes it even more striking is the cultural and spiritual disparity it maintains with respect to the rest of the region. You will be amazed by the Spanish-Filipino colonial architecture in many parts, centuries-old stone churches, the upbeat atmosphere, a vast English-speaking population, incredible islands and beaches and countless adrenaline rushing activities. Do some extraordinary diving, surfing, kayaking and canyoning, climb volcanoes and hills, gaze at the rice terraces and ride on a graffiti splashed jeepney.

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